New Fall-Winter 2022-23 Collection of knitted fabrics

The new Fall-Winter 2022-23 collection of knitted fabrics is now ONLINE! Here in Prato it’s really hot but we didn’t give up. Between virgin wool and Mohair yarn, we gave birth to our Fall-Winter Collection 2022-23 of knitted fabrics. Go to “Collection” section in our website to be able to visualize all the items. You just need to register for free your company email address and login. You will also have the possibility to easily contact us and asking for questions on prices, minimum orders, or receive the sample. 

Fall-Winter 2022-23 Collection’s aim

Last six months have been not easy for us and the textile industry. Nevertheless we worked with a strong commitment to offer a new collection of knitted fabrics capable to warm our heart and to fulfill our eyes of colors. We wanted to create items to make vibrant and whimsical clothes, ready to fit the 2022-23 winter season.

Colors & Yarn of new Fall-Winter 2022-23 Collection

The colors we suggest are the following: a small selection of black items, many different types of white and many shades of blu, orange, pink and violet. We also present some lurex and jeans alike items. Virgin wool, Mohair wool and Bio, Organic and Recycled Cotton are the most used natural fibers which composed our knitted fabrics. With regards to innovative and eco-friendly fibers, we chose Bamboo, Lyocell, Tencel and Micromodal. Both natural and organic fibers we used have the aim to reduce environmental impact of textile industry.


Innovation, Traditions & Made in Italy

Every collection has the aim to give the more precise as possibile response to market’s and customers’ needs. As a result, it’s not always easy to keep up with innovation and find a balance with tradition. Despite everything our Fall-Winter Collection 2022-23 of knitted fabrics is the maximum expression of “Made in Italy”. From yarn, to weft and to finishing process we mostly collaborate with Italian companies. 

Click HERE to visualize our collections. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to ask for questions.