The production of knitted fabrics includes cashmere wool blend, alpaca wool blend, wool blend acrylic, recycled cotton, mohair wool fantasy, 100% wool, micromodal and angora, micromodal and wool, seacell, viscose. The workings are of the shaved type, sweatshirt, jacquard.

We produce knitted fabrics with yarns (angora, wool, viscose, cashmere) starting from 1,000 threads up to 80,000 threads.

Knitted fabrics in organic cotton

Natural yarn in organic cotton of origin and organic cultivation, dyed with processes that respect the environment and guarantee a hypo-allergic fabric in contact with the skin.
Organic organic cotton grown with methods that integrate ancient and modern knowledge to reduce the impact of agricultural activities on the environment and on the health of farmers.

Knitted fabrics in bamboo fiber

The fiber used is obtained from bamboo of a species coming from crops in remote mountainous areas free from pesticides and pollution.
Bamboo fiber is a 100% biodegradable fiber, fertilized only with biological substances.

Knitted fabrics in recycled fabric

Yarns obtained through an ecologically advanced recycling process that aims to regenerate the fibers of pre-dyed cotton knitwear.
The knitted fabrics made with recycled cotton allow to avoid both the disposal of production waste in incinerators and the dyeing process.