Have you ever heard about TENCEL? TENCEL is a revolutionary cellulosic fiber of botanic origins which promotes sustainability in the textile industry and natural comfort for textile products. Tencel fibers are perfect to create special knitted fabrics.

TENCEL Fabric’s green features 

Tencel’s green features are:

  • Botanic origin. It comes from renewable wood resources.
  • Low environmental impact during its production process.
  • Biodegradability at the end of life.
  • Long-lasting softness to have a longer life.
  • Good color retention.

From Forest To Fashion

The production process starts in forests using wood as raw material. The TENCEL bio-based fibers are produced through an environmentally responsible production process, which follows the steps below:

Forest —> Wood Chips —> Pulp mills —>Tencel Lyoncel Fiber —> Yarn —> Fabrics. 

TENCEL production process

The TENCEL production process is a closed-loop process with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. The transformation of pulp mills into TENCEL Lyoncel fiber involves solvent-spinning method which recycles water and reuses the solvent itself at a recovery rate of 99%. Moreover the final product is perfectly compostable and biodegradable fibers. Consumers can be sure about their fashion choice, which reduces or mitigates their adverse impact on the environment. 

TENCEL knitted fabrics qualities

The qualities of the TENCEL automatically enrich the knitted fabrics produced with this type of natural fiber. Some of the most relevant features are:

Gentle on skin: the Tencel fibers are naturally soft to the touch, offering a long lasting comfort to the most sensitive skins, too. Under the microscope, Tencel exhibits a smooth surface which gives fabrics more smooth feel and comfort in comparison to wool or cotton.

Color Retention: the color pigments in the dope-dyed fibers retain a longer lasting color vibrancy and they are less prone to fade even after many washings. Tencel gives sheen to knitted fabrics.

Cloths breathability: Tencel fibers help the body’ automatic regulating properties in managing the moisture levels. Thanks to their natural origins, the fibrils of cellulosic fibers are structured to regulate the absorption or release of moisture, improving the breathability of fabrics and supporting the body’s natural thermal regulation.

TENCEL softness
The comparison between TENCEL, wool and cotton fibers

Strength: the Tencel fibers distinguishes themselves from all other types of cellulose fibers due to their greater strength.

Unfavorable bacterial growth: thanks to its absorbent quality, Tencel fiber reduces the moisture on the surface of fabrics where bacteria could grow, improving its anti-microbial property without chemical aid.  

Fordiani’s TENCEL Knitted Fabrics 

This year, for the first time, we decided introduce TENCEL fibers in our Spring-Summer 2022 knitted fabrics collection, to improve sustainability in the textile industry and  pursue innovation. Our TENCEL knitted fabrics are the perfect match between sustainability, quality and comfort. In our collection we included four types of knitted fabrics in powder pink and nuts colors, both in solid color and in stripped pattern. Our TENCEL products can be used for precious underwear or new born’s and children’s cloths, bedding and underwear. If you want to have more info, check our collection at this link.